IBU ANIS Brown Rice Porridge (7m+)

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Brown Rice Flakes. There's two sizes available, 80g and 250g (Jumbo Pack). It contains no preservatives, MSG, colouring or salt/sugar.


  • 100% Brown Rice

It has been cooked, dehydrated and processed to be in flakes form.

How to cook it?

  • Mix the Brown Rice Flakes with hot water little by little to get the consistency that you require. Add more hot water to make it less textured. For babies that wants to explore with more textured food, reduced the amount of water. It is very versatile! 
  • To make it more interesting, you can add in any seasonings to the porridge. Fish and carrot porridge for lunch, beef and pumpkin porridge for dinner!
  • Tip: If you cooked soup for the family, you can scoop some hot soup to the white rice flakes and serve it to your little ones! That simple!


  • Store in cool and dry area. Avoid direct sunlight